Strained Relations

Strained Relations: Help for Struggling Parents of Troubled Teens

My Book

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Parents candidly share their experiences raising difficult teens.  In some instances, the families are estranged, others have cordial relationships, and some families share how they fully repaired their relationships.  Experts provide advice and insights for parents experiencing problems with their teens, and information for parents worrying that they might face difficult times.

Strained Relations: Help for Struggling Parents of Troubled Teens

This book can be purchased on Amazon (paperback and Kindle), Barnes & Noble and can be ordered at any bookstore.


Strained Relations: Help for Struggling Parents of Troubled Teens


Available as an ebook on Scribd.



Experts interviewed for the book include:

Jennifer Hartstein, PsyD  works with children, adolescents, adults and families in individual and group therapy.  Based in New York City, she specializes in working with high-risk, suicidal, self- injuring, risk-taking teenagers and their families. (A PsyD is a Doctor of Psychology.)

Jerome Wisselman, J.D.  is the founder of Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C.  He has practiced in the family law field for thirty-five years.  His firm deals with all matters relative to divorce, including custody, visitation, and all financial aspects of divorce.  They also deal with all matters that are dealt with in family court.  Family court in New York State does not deal with divorce, but it deals with issues that relate to the family aside from divorce.  This includes custody and visitation, and other family offense proceedings, such as juvenile delinquents, neglect, and abuse.

Deputy District Attorney Julia Alloggiamento is the Santa Clara County, California interface for the Parent Project®, a ten- to sixteen-week parent training program designed specifically for parents of strong-willed or out-of-control adolescent children.  You can read about it and find out if there is a local chapter at Parent Project .     

Marcy Seminof, M.Ed., M.S.S. is a family therapist and licensed clinical social worker in Media, Pennsylvania..   She had been a Special Education teacher for ten years and tutored kids who had learning differences.  Marcy also worked as a parenting educator, and provides parenting support. 

Margit Crane, M.A., M.S., M.Ed. has coached families over the past 25 years to create clearer communication, enhance understanding and respect, and create more fun in their relationships.  Her company, located in Bellevue, Washington, The Gifted Team Coach.  She specializes in working with gifted kids with Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) and their parents.  Margit has offered seminars on such topics as self-esteem, body image, sexual orientation, multiple intelligences, transition to junior high, transition to college, the teen brain, parenting teens, addiction, and ADD/ADHD.  She is the author of Stress Less, Soar More: 1-Minute Tips for Parenting Gifted Teens and 5 Tips to Strengthen Any Family Celebration.”


One Response to “My Book”

  1. Julia Alloggiamento said

    Great book. You really captured the heart of what so many parents are going through, but have a hard time discussing. I know your book will be a comfort to those parents struggling with their teens — both as a realization that they are not alone and as a resource for guidance and help. I hope that parents can find the strength to not give up on their children . . . or themselves. Thank you for bringing this important issue into the limelight.

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