Strained Relations

Strained Relations: Help for Struggling Parents of Troubled Teens

Worried about your teen?

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Do you remember the joy you felt when your son or daughter was young?  Taking them to the playground, reading to them at night, helping them with their homework: these are everyday activities loving parents do for their children.  We build relationships and know the teen years might be tough. 

Some kids seem to go through their teen years with few problems, while others scare their parents with extreme behaviors, drinking, drugs, and violence.  You worry about them every day and wonder happened to your child and those sweet, innocent times.

How would it feel to know that you’re not alone?  Parents with young children worry about their future, and parents of a difficult teen may fear for their child’s life.  Share concerns and resources – I welcome your thoughtful contributions.

Marcia Stein

Strained Relations: Help for Struggling Parents of Troubled Teens

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Strained Relations: Help for Struggling Parents of Troubled Teens


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7 Responses to “Worried about your teen?”

  1. Kathie Sutherland said

    This looks great! What an important topic!

  2. Micah Verbit said

    As a high school teacher in an alternative academic program, I find this book to be such an important resource. It’s simply a must have for anyone in the education field that works with students on a daily basis. Thank you for addressing a topic that needs and requires attention.

  3. I enjoy this site, it is worth me coming back

  4. Barbie Deen said

    This book is such a gift to many parents, such as myself. I only wish it had been written about 6 years ago, when I first started dealing with a troubled child and was searching desperately for answers, and someone else to connect with. The scenarios in this book are so easy for any parent to relate to and not feel so very alone in their struggle. Having been a parent of a 36.5 Mental Health Services Child, which enabled me to receive special services from Bascom Mental Health, I was able to participate in “Parent Project.” It was extremely beneficial to me, as a parent struggling with a teen in denial of having any dysfunction. There were times I just felt I could not take it anymore and I prayed and prayed for answers. Parent Project was an amazing educational tool as well as a much needed support to me. i looked forward to the meetings each week and the sharing sessions with other parents. For the first time, I felt “included” and was able to relate to others. I felt myself becoming inspired by the teachings and wanting to reach out to other parents, which I did do.

    “Stained Relations” Help for Struggling Parents of Troubled Teens is an awesome book, and it brings the reader into the reality that one is not alone in this dilemma. Marcia Stein’s book offers hope to many that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and she provide meaningful resources to those who choose to seek help. I really commend her on the book, and as a parent who struggles with this day in and day out, I sincerely thank her for writing this amazing book, from the bottom of my heart!

  5. The books appears to be touching on a very delicate and important problem that is apparently getting worse. Parents experience problems in transitioning their parenting responsibilities when their children turn from kids to teens, which is a period in life that is the most confusing and destructive. The books hopefully tackles this issues and finds ways on how to teach parents to take command of their children during these troubled times.

    • Marcia said

      Thank you for writing.

      If you read the book you will see the issues parents faced, when they started, what happened next, how parents handled the problems. They talk about what worked and what didn’t work. Experts weigh in, too.

  6. Bette Kiernan said

    What an important topic! A great contribution.

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